Sciex Beckman Laser Module & LIF Detector Upgrade Kit 488 nm PA 800, P/ACE MDQ, CESI 8000 Plus

ABI Sciex

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Packaged Laser Module LIF Upgrade Kit 488 nm

Requires a PA 800, P/ACE MDQ, or CESI 8000 Plus or Enhanced capillary electrophoresis system


Surplus received directly from lab - looks to be in excellent/unused condition, sold with warranty.


  • 488 nm Laser Module
  • LIF detector module
  • LIF Aperture plug and probe guide



30 Day warranty. We pledge to offer the best service and warranty to all of our customers!  We are extending a 30 Day warranty on this item. This is our way of saying thank you for allowing us to serve you.


This is a genuine product from this manufacturer.