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  Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.

RF-1501 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

FEATURES Compact High sensitivity bright optical system noise suppression digital filter Scanning speed is selectable in 4 steps Easy-to-insert Program Packs Store experimental parameters on convenient Data Packs (IC RAM card) Backlit liquid crystal
Wavelength 220 nm ~ 900 nm
Product description (Power Requirements) The unique RF-1501 optical design provides exceptional sensitivity in an incredibly compact instrument.
Light source: (FLUOROMETRIC SPECIFICATIONS:) Xenon lamp, 150W, Ozone resolving type lamp housing
Excitation/emission monochromators: Concave, non-aberration, blazed holographic grating, F/2.4, 900 grooves/mm
Wavelength scale: 220 ~ 900 nm and 0 order
Measuring wavelength range: 220 ~ 750nm and 0 order as standard
Spectral bandwidth: Choice of 10nm and 20nm in both excitation and emission sides
Wavelength accuracy: ±5 nm
Light source compensation: Dynode feedback system with monochromatic light monitoring function
Sensitivity: The S/N ratio is 300 or higher for the Raman lines of distilled water (350 nm excitation wavelength, 10 nm spectral bandwidth, and 2-second response)
Wavelength scanning speed: 4-step selection of SUPER, FAST, MEDIUM, and SLOW, (about 3,700 nm/min. at SUPER)
Wavelength slewing speed: About 30,000 nm/min.
Response: Choice of 0.02, 0.03, 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 2, and 8 seconds for 98% of full scale
Sensitivity selection: 2-step selection of HIGH and LOW (The sensitivity at HIGH is about 50 times that at LOW.)
Detector: (FLUOROMETRIC SPECIFICATIONS:) Photomultiplier tube for both excitation and emission sides
Display: Backlit liquid crystal display, 320 X 200 dots
Interface: RS-232C interface, and interfaces for printer (Centronics type), autosampler, sipper, and IC card drive
Dimensions and weight: 500W X 400D X 255H mm, 23 kg
Power Requirements: 100/120/220/240 V, 400 VA
Operational temperature range: 10 ~ 35°C
Operational humidity range: 40~80% (Below 70% with temperature higher than 30°C.)


Seller refurbished. Excellent instrument with very little use.  Only 1 hour on lamp.  Comes complete in factory box with manuals.


  • SHIMADZU RF-1501 Spectrofluorophotometer Version 2.0
  • power cord
  • Factory manuals


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