Shimadzu TOC-5050A Total Organic Analyzer w/ ASI-5000A autosampler



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Shimadzu is the worldwide market leader in the analysis of carbon species in water (TOC). The measuring range of Shimadzu's TOC-5050 Series combustion oxidation instruments is 50ppb to 4000ppm (to 5000ppm for IC) (POC: Max 400ppm). All operations and analysis parameters are entered via the TOC keyboard and displayed on the large white LCD. A highly sensitive NDIR detector and a large sample capacity combustion system combine to ensure detection limits of less than 10ppb of TOC. An internal capability has been designed to produce "ultrapure" water and carry out a blank check in a completely automated sequence. The Shimadzu TOC-5050 is capable of performing analysis on any high sensitivity applications such as pharmaceutical grade, semiconductor grade, steam power, and ultrapure waters, as well as less sensitive application such as drinking water and particulate analysis such as wastewater and industrial effluents, sea water, brines, ground water, and surface water. Includes the autosampler.
Analyte: TC, IC, TOC (TC-IC), NPOC (non-purgeable organic carbon), POC (purgeable organic carbon: optional). Method is Combustion/non-dispersive infrared gas analysis method. Combustion temperature is 680C. Average analysis time is 2 to 3 minutes for both TC and IC (4.5 minutes for TC and 3.5 min. for IC at the longest). Sample introduction is by automatic injection via microliter syringe. Sample injection volume is 4 to 250uL with a 250uL syringe. Pretreatment for IC is Automatic sparging function. Automatic selection of the optimum set of operation conditions; maintenance/self-diagnostics, warning of abnormality; timer for restarting from the running mode.


Used system, unit is in good physical and functional condition.

NOTE: consumables, such as the combustion tube, needles, etc not included.


Complete system includes:
    • Shimadzu TOC-5050A Total Organic Analyzer
    • Shimadzu ASI-5000A autosampler
    • Control and power cable for autosampler
    • Power cord


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