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A powerful, easy-to-use solution, the Sorvall RC12BP™ low-speed refrigerated centrifuge allows you to manufacture blood components quickly and cost-effectively while ensuring product quality, safety, and GMP compliance.    

Superior separations and increased productivity  

Our Thermo Scientific RC12BP offers best in class reliability and safety for use in your lab and clean room environments. With the ability to run up to 12 blood bags or 12 L of sample in a single run, our Sorvall RC12BP offers high-throughput to meet the most demanding lab requirements.


Centrifuge Description
The SORVALL® RC12BP™ is a microprocessor controlled, high-capacity lowspeed refrigerated centrifuge designed for use in regulated environments (such as those found in blood banking, biotech-
nology, or pharmaceutical arenas). The control panel, designed to be easy to use and easy to clean, allows simple input through a positive feedback keypad with visual verification of set parameters and current run conditions. The control panel also prompts users for correct entry and displays user messages. The control panel introduces automation of quality control runs, an optional computer interface package enables automatic, on-line, quality control run and production run data logging.

The RC12BP™ operates at speeds up to 4700 rpm, and is capable of producing relative centrifugal force up to 7333g. It uses a balanced, high-torque brushless dc motor designed to deliver optimal performance with smooth, quiet operation over its full speed range, with long bearing life. Advanced capabilities of this motor offer precise control of acceleration and deceleration, regardless of rotor load, for exceptional run reproducibility. Directly connected to the motor is a heavy-duty gyro-action drive with a square spindle that accepts the SORVALL ® H-12000 high-capacity swinging bucket rotor. A viewing port in the chamber door permits speed confirmation using an optical tachometer.  Precise temperature control is made possible by a refrigeration system that is capable of delivering both cooling and heating. The high capacity system is charged with environmentally-friendly CFC-free refrigerant. The microprocessor-controlled system consists of a low temperature evaporator, a hermetically-sealed thermally-protected compressor, and a fan-cooled finned condenser.

The RC12BP™ has the following safety features: a protective armor plate steel guard within the cabinet; automatic shutoff of the drive motor for overspeed protection; circuit breakers on the main power and the control panel circuits; and a door interlock which prevents starting the drive while the chamber door is open, or opening the door while the rotor is in motion.


Centrifuge Specifications
Maximum Selectable Speed 4700 rpm
Maximum Relative Centrifugal Force 7333 g
Speed Control Accuracy ±1% or 20 rpm, whichever is greater
Maximum Selectable Time 99 minutes, 99 seconds
(or HOLD for indefinite length of time, timed up to 300:00)
Maximum Selectable ACE
(Accumulated Centrifugal Effect™) 9.99 x 1030 (∫
ω2 dt, input as 9.99e30)
Temperature Selection Range –10°C to 40°C
Temperature Control Accuracy sample temperature controlled within 2°C of set temperature

Overtemperature Alert Maximum allowable temperature settable to within 2°C of set temp


Maximum Noise Level < 65 dB**
Maximum Average Heat Output 5.3 kW




Excellent functional condition.


  • Sorvall RC 12BP Refrigerated Floor Standing Centrifuge
  • H-12000 Blood Processing Rotor
  • Qty 6 - Sorvall 77023 buckets



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