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Known for their exceptional performance and durability, Spectroline®transilluminators are designed to deliver optimal UV intensity and extremely uniform UV emission to guarantee clear and reproducible results.

Spectroline transilluminators provide maximum fluorescent response for nanogram sensitivity with minimal UV damage to samples with a variety of choices in wavelength, wattage, filter size and variable intensity controls. Each unit offers high intensity, uniform UV emission and cool operation. They feature a wide variety of UV filter glass sizes to accommodate different sizes of gels and blots, as well as rugged construction and simple operation.

When working with UV models, attention should be given to the age of the UV tubes, as this will affect the sample fluorescent signals. As the UV tubes age in any transilluminator, their output steadily declines making faint bands more difficult to see. This can result in lack of positive results and incorrect densitometric measurements. Regular replacement of UV tubes is suggested, particularly for transilluminators that are shared or heavily used.


Diffusing Screen: All 312nm and 365nm models come with a unique, removable, polymer-based diffusing screen that ensures uniform UV emission and excellent irradiance uniformity at the sample surface. It also improves the quality of photographic images

LONGLIFE™ Filter Glass: Found on all 254nm and certain 312nm models (2F-assembly series), this special filter glass inhibits solarization up to 50 times longer than traditional UV filters.

StandardSeries,Single Wavelength UV


15-watt units provide high UV intensity

Fixed-intensity models include TS-, TC-, TR- and TL-series

Variable-intensity models with UV-blocking cover include TV-series

Models accommodate a variety of sample sizes

Housing dimensions (W x L x H): 18.5" x 19.25" x 4", 34.3 x 48.9 x 10.2cm

Our high power (15-watt) Standard Series units provide unsurpassed UV intensities and UV irradiance to produce brilliant fluorescent responses and highest clarity. Ideal for revealing even trace amounts of DNA! Models available in various UV wavelengths, fixed and variable intensity, filter sizes, timer options and UV-blocking covers.



Good working condition.  Cosmetic crack in plexiglass lid near one hinge.


(1) Spectroline Ultraviolet Transilluminator Model TS-312R w/ Lid & Power Cord



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