Tekmar Dohrmann Teledyne Phoenix 8000 TOC

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The UV persulfate method of TOC analysis technique achieves outstanding analytical accuracy, precision ​​​​and long-term calibration stability due to its ability to inject high sample volumes (up to 20 mL) and low system background.

Virtually any component can be accessed in less than two minutes. Glassware is placed at the front of the unit for easy access and monitoring. Sample and gas lines are color coded for quick identification. Internal components are carefully laid out with the customer in mind. As a result, down time and cost of operation is kept to a minimum.

Arranged in three simple menus -- Setup, Run, and Results -- TOC Talk’s user interface is easy to use. Set up system parameters and configure user preferences. Run predefined methods or customize your own. View, print, and export sample data and calibration curve results.

To help the industry comply with 21 CFR protocols, Tekmar offers software packages for CFR compliance for our line of TOC analyzers for use in monitoring Water-for-Injection and Clean-in-Place applications.

The STS 8000 Autosampler is a high capacity, dependable robotic XYZ autosampler suitable for virtually any TOC sample. With easy access to sample racks, sample loading with the STS 8000 is fast and easy. The STS 8000 supports a variety of industry standard glassware (many with cap and septa), giving you the lowest possible cost of operation that is the standard for TOC analyzers.

UV Lamp Contains Mercury, Don’t Put in Trash. Recycle or Dispose as Hazardous Waste.


Used system, power tested only. Selling for parts or repair only. No returns.

NOTE: There are missing covers, and possibly other components.


    • Tekmar Dohrmann Teledyne Phoenix 8000 TOC
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        No warranty. Selling for parts or repair only. No returns.


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