Thermo MEL-TEMP Melting Point Determination w/ Digital Thermometer



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MEL-TEMP provides precise melting points up to 500°C. Castings conduct and radiate heat uniformity to capillaries and thermometer. This patented technology completely elim-
inates the mess and hazards of conventional oil bath designs. Sample observation is enhanced by an integrated light and precision 6X lens. MEL-TEMP is engineered to withstand years of heavy use.The housing is made of extruded aluminum. Durable, top quality components are mounted on a 1/8” thick aluminum panel.

MEL-TEMP accepts up up three capillaries. Samples are illuminated and clearly visible through the precision 6-power lens. Each capillary is heated on three sides and the
block is made from a highly conductive alloy to prevent hot spots.

Temperature range: Ambient to 500°C
Heating rate control: Continuously adjustable with built-in variable transformer
Temperature resolution: 0.1°C with low mass thermocouple and precision digital thermometer. One-half the smallest graduation with glass thermometer
Absolute accuracy of melting point: determined by thermometer
Melting point capillaries: accepts 1 to 3 capillaries simultaneously,
1.5-1.75mm outside diameter.
Thermometer well: 6.75mm inside diameter, 76 mm deep
Heat-up time, full power:
25°C-400°C in 5 minutes
400°C-500°C in 4 minutes
Cool-down time, unassisted:
500°C-400°C in 2 minutes
400°C-300°C in 2 minutes
300°C-200°C in 5 minutes
200°C-100°C in 7 minutes
Dimensions: 14L x11.7W x23H (cm)
Shipping Weight: 2.3kg
Power requirements: 200 watts,120 VAC or 200 watts, 230 VAC


Seller refurbished. The instrument was removed from a working environment and is fully functional.


  • (1) Thermo MEL TEMP 1001D
  • (1) Omega HH-25KH Digital Thermometer
  • (1) Power Cord


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