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The Thermo Scientific Sorvall CW2 Plus cell washing systems offer a time-saving wash cycle, easy-to-read digital displays, easy-to-use touchpad controls and standardized, reproducible procedures. Simply insert the sample tubes, select the test parameters and benefit from reliable results in minutes, time after time.

The SORVALL CW2 Plus cell washing system from Thermo Electron is designed to be used in accordance with The American Association of Blood Banks’ guidelines as defined in the most recent edition of the AABB Technical Manual.

This advanced, easy-to-use instrument simplifies work and saves time in washing blood cells for antiglobulin reagent tests such as ABO compatibility, Rh testing, cross matching and the Coombs procedure.

Compliance Assured

The CW2 Plus is the reliable choice for procedures outlined in the AABB Technical Manual, 14th edition. The cell washing system ensures that your protocols are fully compliant with the standards as outlined in “Performance Testing of Automatic Cell Washers”.

Fully Automated for Reproducible Results

The CW2 Plus is fully automated. Standardized,

consistent procedures eliminate the variations that

result from manual protocols, so reliable, reproducible

results are a matter of routine. Automatic alerts

indicate if the saline level is low, and when a run is


Easy, Reliable Operation

The CW2 Plus offers a time-saving wash cycle,

easy-to-read digital displays, easy-to-use touchpad

controls and standardized, reproducible procedures.

Simply insert the sample tubes, select the test

parameters, and benefit from reliable results in

minutes, time after time.

Compact and Durable

With its small footprint, the CW2 Plus fits neatly on any

laboratory bench. Its low-maintenance design ensures

years of trouble-free use: bearings have sealed-in

lubrication, the pump tubing is easily changed, the

motor is brushless, and the entire housing is made

from high-impact, corrosion-free plastic.

Key Features

• Automatic operation

• Single distributor for standard 10 mm x 75 mm

or 12 mm x 75 mm tubes

• Saline level detection/alarm system

• Microprocessor control and digital display of time

and wash cycles

• System steps easily verified

• Fast, automatic wash cycle

• Fast acceleration and deceleration

• Agitates automatically after each decant (cycle is

also manually operable)

• Flexible, single-speed manual mode for general

pelleting applications

• Rotor also functions as incubator rack

• Compact and lightweight

• Quiet, maintenance-free brushless drive

• Lifetime lubrication of all moving parts

• Easy-to-clean, high-impact, corrosion-

resistant housing

SORVALL CW2 Plus Blood Cell Washing System


Maximum speed (rpm) 3,550 at 60 Hz

Fill/decant speed (rpm) 700 at 60 Hz (580 at 50 Hz)

Maximum RCF (x g) 1,200

Decant RCF (x g) 40

Maximum capacity (12) 12 mm x 75 mm or 10 mm x 75 mm tubes

Operating modes

Automatic 80 second wash cycle

Manual High speed for time selected

Check Stops at end of each step in cycle to enable procedure verification


Mode Select operating mode (auto or manual)

Cycle Select 1, 2, 3 or 4 wash cycles in automatic mode

Time Select centrifugation time in manual mode (999 seconds)

Command Select operating function: start, stop, check, manual, agitate, alarm on/off, low saline

Drive 2-speed brushless induction motor; dynamic braking in automatic mode


Rotor Polypropylene with replaceable tube holders

Collection bowl Polypropylene

Certification CSA NRTL, CSA and CE certified

Safety and effectiveness 510(k) number BK820020

Dimensions (H x D x W) mm (inches) 627 x 434 x 320 (24.7 x 17.1 x 12.6) lid open

386 x 434 x 320 (15.2 x 17.1 x 12.6) lid closed

Weight kg (lb) 17.8 (39.3) crated

15.4 (34) uncrated



Unit is in excellent functional condition.    

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  • Thermo Scientific Sorvall Cell Washer CW2 Plus
  • Polypropylene Rotor and Collection bowl
  • Hose kit
  • Operator manual
  • Power cord



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