Thermo Scientific Sorvall Legend 14 Small Benchtop Digital Centrifuge with Rotor

Therno Sorvall


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Easy to Use

  • Single-knob control sets and adjusts parameters quickly and conveniently

  • Large LED display provides easy viewing of all parameters

  • Single pre-installed plastic rotor cleans easily and is autoclavable and noncorroding

  • Rotors and tubes can be inserted and removed with minimal effort

Delivers Maximum Productivity

  • Operates at 14,500 × g

  • Holds 12 microtubes from 0.5 to 2.0mL and supports smaller volumes with adapters

  • Fast spinup/spindown saves time and increases user productivity

Compact and Quiet

  • 76.5 sq. in. footprint—fits tight benchtop spaces

  • Brushless maintenance-free motor runs very quietly and delivers years of dependable service

  • Exceptionally quiet; allows users to work without distraction

Ordering Information:

  • Optional tube adapters for 0.2mL (057640F) and 0.5mL (057630F) are sold separately.


  • Autoclavable, corrosion-resistant plastic rotor

Recommended for:

  • Nucleic acid purification, PCR cleanup, plasmid mini-prep, protein processing and forensics

Watch a video of this instrument in operation below:


Seller refurbished.  Fully tested.  Excellent working condition.


  • Thermo Scientific Sorvall Legend 14
  • Rotor
  • Power cord


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