Thermo Scientific ST40R centrifuge w/ M-20 75003624 microplate rotor


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Process 40% more 50mL conical tubes or 100% more blood tubes with biocontainment sealing than competitive models with the Thermo Scientific Sorvall ST 40 Centrifuge Series, which offers exceptional capacity, ergonomic features and value for routine sample processing on the benchtop. The innovative design enables safe, simple and comfortable operation with marketing-leading capabilities.

The Thermo Sorvall ST 40R is easy to use, thanks to the intuitive controls that simplify operation and provide detailed information on a wide range of operating parameters and processing status for optimal performance; and the motorized lid latch enables one finger downward motion for easiest closing and locking of centrifuge lid, even on tall benches.

The user-friendly control panel makes it easy to pre-set the speed, RCF value, running time, temperature, and running profile (acceleration and braking curves). You can choose between the display of speed and RCF or the entry mode. These settings can be changed even while the centrifuge is running.

The Sorvall ST 40R is equipped with various safety features: The housing and rotor chamber consist of steel plate, the interior of armor steel, while the front panel is made of high-impact resistant plastic. The lid is equipped with a view port and a lock. The lid of the centrifuge can only be opened while the centrifuge is switched on and the rotor has come to a complete stop. The centrifuge cannot be started until the lid has been closed properly. The integrated rotor detection systems ensures that no inadmissible speed settings can be preselected. Electronic imbalance recognition. Lid emergency release for emergencies only (e.g. during power failures).

Thermo Scientific Sorvall ST 40R Refrigerated Centrifuge - specifications

Dimensions 29.3”W x 26.4”D x 14.2”H (with lid closed)
Speed 300 to 15,200 RPM
Capacity 4 x 1000 ml
Force 25,314 x g
Temperature range -10°C to +40°C
Weight 256lbs
Electrical requirements 120 V, 60 Hz


Used. Speed and temperature verified. Unit is in great condition. 

NOTE: there is a scratch on the front display. It does not impede functionality. Please see photos.

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  • Thermo Sorvall ST40R Centrifuge, Cat No. 75004525
  • M-20 microplate swinging bucket rotor Cat No. 75003624
  • Power cable


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