UVP Digital Ultraviolet Intensity Meter/Radiometer 97-0015-02 with Sensor UVX-36



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The UVX Radiometer is a handheld UV Meter used to ensure the maximum operating efficiency of UV light sources with the measurement of a UV illumination system or lamp's UV output - the most effective way to monitor the useful life of any UV light source. The durable plastic housings of the UV meters are impact resistant and will withstand heavy, sustained use. The UVX Radiometer requires one of the three interchangeable sensors (which can also be ordered separately) which are calibrated for measurement of 254nm, 365nm and 310nm UV wavelengths. 


  • Chart recorder port for continuous monitoring,

  • 3.5 digit LCD Display,

  • Sensors available for measurement of UV spectrum range of 250nm to 380nm,

  • Sensor Cable Length of 3 feet,

  • Storage and carrying case, with room for one


  • Typical battery time of 120 hours (9 volt battery not included).



  • Three available sensor heads with accuracy of +/-5%  (NIST standard):

    • UVC - 250-290nm shortwave (254nm calibration center)

    • UVB - 280-340nm midrange (310nm calibration center)

    • UVA - 335-380nm longwave (365nm calibration center)

  • A 10:1 attenuator extends the reading range up to 200mW/cm2,

  • Range switch provides selection from three intensity ranges:

    • 0 to 20 mW/cm2

    • 0 to 2000 µW/cm2

    • 0 to 200 µW/cm2

  • Readout with accuracy of +/-2%,

  • Sensitivity down to 0.1 µW/cm2, 

  • Linearity of ± 1% over the total range, ± one digit

  • Conversion Rate of 2.8 readings/second,

  • Traceability of calibration:  Individually serialized and certified to meet published specifications, traceable to NIST. (Recalibration of sensor heads and meter recommended every 6 months.

  • Dimensions: 6.2L x 2H x 3.6W in. (157 x 51 x 91 mm)

  • Weight: 9.4 oz (0.3 kg)



Good functional condition.



    (1) UVX portable handheld Radiometer 97-0015-02
    (1) UVX-25 sensor
    Original manufacturer calibration certificates
    Hard plastic protective carrying case



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