Evoqua Wallace & Tiernan Depolox 3 Plus Chlorine Analyzer Control Panel DES pH/Fluoride

Evoqua Wallace & Tiernan

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  • The Evoqua (previously Wallace and Tiernan) Depolox 3 plus residual chlorine analyzer continuously monitors free or total (combined) chlorine, chlorine dioxide or ozone in drinking water applications.

    It uses proven and universally accepted amperometric measurement technology to directly measures three disinfectant residuals. It also provides a 4-20mA output signal for control or recording purposes and integral alarm relays. A constant flow rate ensures a stable, representative measurement signal. This is provided by a choice of flow cells: bare-electrode or membrane.

    The Depolox 3 plus analyser is also available in an arrangement for measuring pH or fluoride for water quality testing.

  • Features
    • Chlorine measurement without the use of reagents, therefore sample can be added back to the supply or drain
    • Three-electrode measuring cell which eliminates the need for constant zero adjustment
    • Flexible arrangements- 4 flow cell and 2 electronic control units are available
    • Advanced electronics housed in NEMA4X enclosure
    • Optional sample flow switch for indication of loss or sample flow

  • Condition

    Used -- received from a municipality.   Not fully tested, but will be sold with warranty.  No probes are included.


      • Wallace & Tiernan Depolox 3 Plus Chlorine Analyzer Control Panel DES pH/Fluoride
      • Line Cord



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