WHEATON OMNISPENSE ELITE Peristaltic Liquid Dispensing Pump - Dispense Volume Tested



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  • Icon driven user interface allows easy setup and operation
  • Large polarized, angled and backlit LCD display provides glare free viewing
  • Chemical and wear-resistant front overlay
  • Trouble-free calibration screen
  • Ultra high precision stepper motor ensures repeatability and accuracy
  • Low profile design reduces space required on bench or in hood
  • Nine quick-retrieval pump settings can be saved and recalled
  • Multiple language help screens (English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean and Spanish)
  • Multiple stacking pump heads allows for higher volumes and multiple fill applications with one pump
  • Microcassette head provides micro-dispensing of liquids in well plates, microtubes, or microcentrifuge tubes
  • Works with 1, 2, 3, 6 and 8mm tubing
  • Pump allows for different ramping profiles to avoid foaming or splashing


UL listed, CE marked




20.4 to 1746 mL/min. dependant on tubing size
11.8 lb.
100/240 V 50/60 Hz
0.5 to 400 rpm
Ultra high-precision stepper
5.4 kg
37 w


Excellent functional condition with some cosmetic scratches on the case.  Unit does not come with a foot pedal.  Unit has been accurately tested to confirm liquid dispense volume.

Watch a short video of this pump in operation below:

ExpressLabWerks.com Wheaton Omnispense ELITE Peristaltic Dispensing pump

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(1) WHEATON OMNISPENSE ELITE Peristaltic Liquid Dispensing Pump Cat no. W375030-A
(1) Power cable
(1) User Manual



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