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The Wheaton UniSpense® microprocessor controlled dispenser with standard pump head is an alternative to hand pipetting.
Unique peristaltic pump fills bottles, vials and other containers. Electrical Requirement: 110VAC.
Touch membrane keypad for simple parameter entry of Volume, Tubing Size, Automatic Delay Interval and Dose Count
Features one-step volume calibration. Delay times are available from 0.5 to 60 second intervals in automatic mode. Integral dose counter helps prevent overdosing.
Dispensed liquid never touches pump and cannot contaminate pump parts. Delivery range, up to 5000mL (with optional 8mm I.D. tubing)
Sold Individually
Manufacturer: DWK Life Sciences Inc. (Wheaton)
Manufacturer Part No: 374301

The Wheaton UniSpense® microprocessor controlled dispenser with standard pump head is an alternative to hand pipetting. This peristaltic pump fills bottles, vials and other containers. For automatic operation, a variable delay 0.5 to 60 sec can be set between doses. The single speed peristaltic pump can dispense liquids ranging in viscosity from aqueous solutions to medium syrups with accuracy to ±1% at mid-range. Records the number of doses to form a ready reference. An audible signal at the end of the filling cycle eliminates the need for visual monitoring. Delivery range, upto 5000mL (with optional 8mm I.D. tubing). UniSpense® microprocessor controlled dispensers with standard pump head are complete with 3mm and 6mm Silicone tubing assemblies, 5 ft. long. 33 L x 24.1 W x 16.5cm D. 110VAC. 60Hz. 140w. 0.25 to 150mL (2mm I.D. Tubing), 1 to 900mL (3mm I.D. Tubing), 2.5 to 3000mL (6mm I.D. Tubing), 4 to 5000mL (8mm I.D. Tubing) Filling Range. 0.45mL/sec (2mm I.D. Tubing) 2mL/sec (3mm I.D. Tubing), 9mL/sec (6mm I.D. Tubing), 18mL/sec (8mm I.D. Tubing) Flow Rate. 0.5 to 25 sec in Automatic Mode Delay Time. Wheaton #: 374301.



Excellent functional condition.  Unit does not come with foot pedal option.

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(1) Wheaton Unispense Peristaltic liquid pump p/n 374301 120 Volts
(1) Power cable
(1) User Manual



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