X-rite 301 Transmission Densitometer w/Manual, New Bulbs, 301-27 Calibration Strip



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The X-Rite 301 Densitometer is a rugged tabletop unit that is recognized as the industry standard for accurate measurement of film densities. It provides highly repeatable and accurate measurements of film densities up to 5.0D and is more subtle than can be seen by the naked eye.  This densitometer is ideal for radiographic and other applications.

Convenient Operation:

  • The densitometer is easy to use.
  • Measurements are made on a push and read basis.
  • The display consists of large LED numerals which can be read easily in bright or dim light.
  • Internal memory and the null button allow the operator to make comparative density measurements across a piece of film.

Quality features include:

  • Lighted Table, simplifies location of image areas to measure
  • Simple calibration procedure.
  • Rugged construction. Proven oil field use.
  • The densitometer will remain in proper alignment even though it is picked up by the arm.
  • The Model 301 is U.L. listed and is shipped calibrated to standards traceable to the NBS.
  • This is the most widely accepted densitometer for industrial x-ray requirements.
  • Easy-to-Read Display: Large half-inch LED numeric display for easy reading and fewer errors.
  • Convenient Service; Modular construction allows rapid replacement of lamps and easy access to electronic circuits.


Nice shape.  Excellent functional condition.  Comes with an extra set of fluorescent bulbs and new calibration strip.


  • X-rite 301 Transmission Densitometer
  • New 2022 calibration strip
  • Manual
  • Spare new pair of fluorescent bulbs



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