Leica CV5030 Fully Automated Glass Coverslipper w/ TS 5015 Transfer Station, Accessories


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The Leica CV5030 fully automated glass coverslipper produces slides with superior optical quality for reliable long-term storage.

Its capability of handling a large variety of slide racks from different suppliers makes the Leica CV5030 very flexible. All common mounting media, including xylene-free varieties, can be used.

The operator can choose wet or dry coverslipping. The CV5030’s performance achieves three goals: Highly consistent and reliable coverslipping quality, full adaptation to individual laboratory set-ups, integration into staining/coverslipping workstations to form a fully automated walk-away system.


Seller refurbished. Late model, great working condition.


  • Leica CV5030 coverslipper unit v3.01.04
  • Leica CV5015 Transfer station for Autostainer
  • Operations Manual 
  • Brand new nozzle cleaner kit
  • Brand new spare charcoal air filter
  • Brand new spare glass vial with lid
  • Extra racks
  • power cable


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