Beckman DU730 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, good working condition, see photos

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The Beckman Coulter DU 730 Uv/Vis Spectrophotometer gives you precise, repeatable results in a small package, well suited to life science applications. Using a focused beam design, the narrow bandwidth of this spectrophotometer allows you to scan small samples at a superior resolution. The narrow beam eliminates the need for masking, and by using the entirety of the energy, a wide dynamic range and linearity are achieved. The Beckman DU730 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer is intuitive to navigate, using a touch-based interface, and powerful but simple software servicing a wide array of applications. Applications include fixed wavelength, wavelength scan, kinetics over time, single-component analysis, protein assay analysis, nucleic acid analysis, dye incorporation, and DNA/protein tools.  Up to 50 user protocols can be created and stored, quickly recalled, and applied.

The Beckman DU 730 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer has a variety of beneficial features, you may choose from startup diagnostics and a range of system checks to ensure the instrument performs to specifications, whether either of the UV and Visible lamps is turned off conserving lamp life. This UV/Vis spectrophotometer has USB ports to allow for plug-in and play printers and keyboards, and data may be exported either via USB memory stick or CSV format. The Beckman Coulter DU 730 can be protected by a password with individual access control. The cells of this UV/vis spectrophotometer are easy to clean, and samples can be recovered easily if they’re not diluted. The Beckman Coulter DU 730 comes with a single cell holder, with the transport mechanism for a 7 position carousel built-in.


Pre-owned. Instrument is in great functional condition. Includes the upgrade to the 7 position carousel.

NOTE: Unit has a few cosmetic scratches and minor scrapes. these are purely cosmetic and do not effect functionality.


  • Beckman Coulter DU730 spectrophotometer
  • 7 position carousel
  • power cables



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