Bio Rad MyIQ PCR Thermocycler 582BR iCycler and 576BR Optical Module



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Nucleic acid amplification and detection are among the most valuable techniques used in biological research today. Real-time detection of PCR products is made possible by including in the reaction a fluorescent chemistry that reports an increase in the amount of DNA with a proportional increase in fluorescent signal. The fluorescent chemistries employed for this purpose include DNA-binding dyes and fluorescently labeled sequence-specific primers or probes.

Real-time analysis of PCR enables truly quantitative analysis of starting template copy number with accuracy and high sensitivity over a wide dynamic range. Specialized thermal cyclers equipped with fluorescence detection modules are used to monitor the fluorescence as amplification occurs. The MyiQ™ Single Color Real Time PCR Detection System builds on the strengths of the iCycler® Thermal Cycler, which provides the optimum performance for PCR.

The MyiQ system features a tungsten halogen lamp as the light source. The filter-based optical design allows the use of optimal wavelengths of light for excitation and emission, resulting in excellent sensitivity and discrimination between multiple fluorophores. The CCD detector captures a simultaneous image of all 96 wells. This results in a comprehensive data set illustrating the kinetic behavior of the data during each cycle.

Simultaneous image collection insures that well-to-well data may reliably be compared. The MyiQ system reports data on the PCR in progress in real time, allowing immediate feedback on reaction success. All of these features demonstrate that the MyiQ system hardware was built to promote reliability and flexibility.

The MyiQ software includes features that make software easy and useful. The software is designed for convenience – offering speedy setup and analytical results. Many functions are presented graphically for ease of use. Tips on usage are available as your mouse rolls over the buttons. In addition, the Online Help Manual is available at all times simply by pressing the F1 key. The MyiQ software automatically analyzes the collected data at the touch of a button, yet leaves room for additional optimization of results based on your analysis preferences.


Used. Good functional condition. Passes all built-in self tests and instrument checks.  Instrument will require end user calibration prior to entering service.


  • Bio-Rad 582BR iCycler PCR Thermocycler
  • Bio-Rad 576BR MyIQ iCycler Optical Module
  • Laptop computer
  • Serial and parallel communication cables
  • Power supply and power cords



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