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Over the last 20 years, Bio-Tek has become the leader in microplate washing. This proven expertise in the design and manufacture of the highest quality microplate washers has evolved into the ELx405TM Series of microplate washers. Precise, fast and easy to use -- the ELx405 Series includes four models, each with its own innovative features. The NEW ELx405 HT is designed specifically to rapidly wash 384-well microplates and includes Bio-Tek's patented Dual-Action manifold to ensure optimal performance and easy maintenance. The ELx405 Select is the market leader in 96-/384-well washing. The Select also has our patented Dual-ActionTM manifold, providing independent control of both dispense and aspirate manifolds for precise overfill washing and overflow protection in both 96- and 384-well microplates. This unique design washes both 96- and 384-well plates without the need for any hardware changes. With its slanted dispense tubes, full control of dispense and aspiration rates and unique x, y, z positioning, the ELx405 Select is ideal for cell-based applications.

For those applications that use only 96-well microplates, the ELx405 Auto Plate Washer is an ideal choice for performance and value! The ELx405 Auto Washer is the most precise and reliable washer available. Many unique features lower background absorbance values and increase the signal-to-noise ratio of typical ELISA assays. The ELx405 Magna is specifically designed for those applications using magnetic bead technology. A second carrier positions the magnet plate close to the microplate bottom, securing magnetic beads during the critical aspiration cycles. All ELx405 Series washers come standard with Bio-Tek's unique AutoPrimeTM and AutoRinseTM functions for reliable performance, and can be interfaced into standard robotic systems with Bio-Tek's easy-to-use ActiveX® component.


  • Patented Dual-ActionTM manifold on the ELx405 Select and ELx405 HT provides independent control of the aspirate and dispense manifolds for precise overfill washing and overflow protection
  • Internal positive displacement pump eliminates the use of troublesome pressure delivery systems and allows the use of any size dispense reservoir
  • Built-in priming trough allows automatic manifold priming and rinsing during both operation and maintenance modes and eliminates the need for 'blank' plates when used in automated robotic systems
  • Fully variable dispense volumes, flow, and aspiration rates provide 'total control' of the washing cycles from a gentle cell-washing application to vigorous wash for high-binding assays
  • Built-in fluid flow, fluid detection, and vacuum sensing provide complete protection for unattended operation
  • Optional external valve module connects four reagent bottles with automatic switching between reagents


  • 75 programs
  • Link up to 10 programs (if valve module is attached, links multiple buffers automatically)
  • Pre/AutoPrime
  • 10 cycles/wash
  • Crosswise aspiration well
  • Fully programmable:
    • dispense height
    • aspiration height
    • aspiration delay
    • soak
    • shake
    • aspiration rate
    • horizontal aspirate and dispense position
  • External programming/downloading available through RS-232 port


Microplate types All standard flat-, round-, or V-bottom plates/strips in 96-well array
384- or 96-well plates (Select)
96-well plate (Magna)
384-well plate (HT)
Processing speed <20 seconds (1 cycle, 400 µl/well, 384 wells)
<30 seconds (3 cycles, 300 µl/well, 96 wells)
<80 seconds (3 cycles, 100 µl/well, 384 wells)
Wash cycles 1-10
Volume range 50 to 3000 µl/well
25 to 3000 µl/well (HT)
Fluid delivery Internal positive displacement pump
Buffer selection Valve module option - up to 4 buffers
Dispense precision <2% CV typical
Residual volume <1.5 µl/well typical
Soak Time 1 to 600 seconds
Shaking User-programmable speeds and timing
Manifold 96-channel aspiration/dispense (Auto/Magna)
96-channel patented Dual-Action, with separate dispense/aspiration (Select)
192-channel patented Dual-Action, with separate dispense/aspiration (HT)
Sterilization Chemical
Supply bottle volume 3.7 liter
Onboard software 75 programs
Program linking
Overflow wash/overfill protection
5 maintenance programs
PC software ActiveX component (optional)
Power 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 17" D x 14" W x 9" H
(43.2 x 35.6 x 22.9 cm)
Weight 28 lbs (12.5 kg)
Regulatory CE Mark, ETL Mark for UL3101-1
CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 1010.1
Conforms to IEC 1010-1
Automation Compatible with Bio-Stack and Fastrack microplate stacking devices.


Used. Unit is in excellent functional and cosmetic condition. Item received from a working environment.

NOTE:  Instrument requires dispense/waste bottles. If you know which configuration you need, we can assist with ordering the kit from BioTek. 

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  • (1) Bio-Tek Biotek ELX405R ELX405 Microplate Washer for 96 well standard microplate
  • (1) Vacuum pump
  • (1) Misc. tubing
  • (1) power cord


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