BK Precision 2120B Dual Trace 30MHz Oscilloscope

BK Precision

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B&K Precision's model 2120B is a dual trace oscilloscope that offers high performance at a low price. Most competitor's entry level oscilloscopes have a 20 MHz bandwidth, while B&K Precision's models 2120B has a bandwidth of 30 MHz. This oscilloscope is built by and backed by B&K Precision, a company that has been selling reliable, durable, value priced test instruments for over 50 years.

  • Dual or single trace operation
  • 5 mV/div sensitivity
  • AUTO/NORM triggered sweep operation with AC, TVH, TVV and line coupling
  • Compact low profile design
  • cUL certified


Used. Item removed from a working environment and is fully functional. Units tested with function generator on both channels. End user calibration may be required.


  • BK Precision 2120B Dual Trace 30MHz Oscilloscope
  • Power cable

NOTE: No probes included


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