Campbell Scientific CR23X Micrologger 4MB Extended Mem w/4 101 Thermistor Probes

Campbell Scientific

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The CR23X is a self-contained, rugged data logger that can measure most sensor types directly, communicate via modems, reduce data, control external devices, and store both data and programs in either non-volatile Flash memory or battery-backed SRAM.

The CR23X has an integral, 2-line, alphanumeric display and power supply. A battery-backed, real-time clock and 2M of nonvolatile data storage is included. The CR23Xs are available with a sealed rechargeable battery base, an alkaline base, or in a low-profile version without batteries.

Analog Inputs 24 single-ended or 12 differential, individually configured
Pulse Counters 4
Switched Voltage Excitations 4
Control/Digital I/O Ports 8
Continuous Analog Outputs 2
Serial I/O Port (CS I/O) 1
RS-232 Port 1
Scan Rate 100 Hz
Burst Mode 1500 Hz
Analog Voltage Resolution To 0.33 uV
A/D Bits 15
Programming Edlog
Data Storage Mixed Array, Table
Telecommunications Standard, Modbus, Alert
Standard Operating Temperature Range -25° to +50°C
Extended Operating Temperature Range -40° to +80°C
Corrected Display Temperature -20° to +40°C
Survival Display Temperature -40° to +85°C



Used, excellent shape -- with warranty (except for batteries)


    (1) Campbell Scientific CR23X Micrologger
    (4) 101 Thermistor Probes with manuals


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