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Model 5072PR: 35 MHz (-3 dB) ultrasonic bandwidth and spike pulser is ideal for general testing. The impulse pulser provides optimal broadband excitation resulting in superior time domain recovery especially at higher frequencies (between 15-30 MHz).


These affordable and reliable manually controlled pulser-receivers provide the perfect building blocks for both conventional and high frequency applications. Each instrument is designed for superior low noise receiver response and high performance pulser control.
When used with an appropriate transducer and analog or digital oscilloscope, Panametrics pulser-receivers provide the perfect starting point for ultrasonic flaw detection, thickness gaging, materials characterization, and transducer characterization.

Features & Benefits

  • Front panel controls permit quick and easy setup of parameters for optimizing signal response
  • Each model delivers a wide dynamic range with 1 dB sensitivity adjustments made through a front panel lever switch
  • Low noise receiver amplification and pulser optimization ensure superior signal-to-noise characteristics
  • Superior isolation of receiver from pulser main bang when operating in thru-transmission mode
  • +/-1 volt RF output into 50 ohm load 
  • Small, lightweight packaging

Model 5072PR: 35 MHz (-3 dB) ultrasonic bandwidth and spike pulser is ideal for general testing. The impulse pulser provides optimal broadband excitation resulting in superior time domain recovery especially at higher frequencies (between 15-30 MHz).

Ultrasonic Pulser-Receivers

Pulser-receivers employed with ultrasonic transducers and an analog or digital oscilloscope are the prime building blocks of any ultrasonic test system.
The pulser section produces an electrical pulse to excite a transducer that converts the electrical input to mechanical energy, creating an ultrasonic wave. In pulse-echo applications, ultrasound travels through the test material until it is reflected from an interface back to the transducer. In thru- transmission applications, the ultrasound travels through the material to a second transducer acting as a receiver.
In either case, the transducer reconverts the mechanical pulse into an electrical signal that is then amplified and conditioned by the receiver section. The resulting RF is then made available for further analysis. Since the customer chooses the waveform display and/or digitization methodology, infinite flexibility in measurement range and method may be pursued.

Spike Excitation
Spike excitation pulsers optimize broadband response and near surface resolution.
For applications involving the testing of thin materials with high frequency transducers where fast recovery time and broadband transducer response are important to insuring adequate time and depth resolution, Models 5072PR employ a spike excitation technique that produces an abrupt voltage transition followed by a recovery to the baseline. The ultra-fast rise times directly translate to broad spectral excitation resulting in wideband transducer response. It is possible to optimize transducer response by selecting pulse energy and damping values, which adjust pulse rise time, width, and voltage. In general, lower energy values and damping resistance will produce the sharpest rise times for the most efficient excitation of high frequency transducers. In fact, the 5073PR pulser electronics can achieve rise times of less than 2 ns, enabling the use of up to 50 MHz broadband transducers.


Exceptional condition!


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