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The TC-312 Thermal Cycler was designed for teaching and research laboratories where ease of use is a high priority. Small and inexpensive, the TC-312 can operate as a stand-alone unit, or it can be PC-controlled in 25 x 0.2mL or 20 x 0.5mL microtube interchangeable block formats. Modern, intuitive software with ready-to-go templates simplifies even the most complicated protocols.

Performance is exceptional and reliable. The TC-312 delivers excellent uniformity of temperature across the sample block, typically ±0.18°F at 122°F (±0.1°C at 50°C), ensuring optimal reproducibility. The heating rate is fast, up to 6.5°F/second (3.6°C/second). The TC-312 and up to 32 other Techne cyclers can be networked together and controlled from one PC. The heated lid has a selectable temperature range of 212°F to 239°F (100°C to 115°C). The lid is sprung to fit both 0.2mL domed and 0.5mL flat top tubes, and it can be enabled or disabled. Password protection prevents unwanted or unauthorized program modifications. The TC-312 takes up very little space, with a footprint of only 13 x 6.7”. A variable voltage selector is included (115/230V).
Fast Heating Rate
Can be networked and controlled by a PC with free upgrades
Can be password protected to prevent unwanted updates and program modifications
Takes up very little space
Variable voltage selector included
Heated lid offer selectable temperatures ranges
Microtube interchangeable block formats
Reliable, high performance
Electrical: 120V or 230V; 50-60Hz
Fuses: 120V = T4A; 230V = T2.5A
Wattage 250
Maximum program allowance is 80
Block Capabilities: 20 x 0.5mL and 25 x 0.2mL
Block Temperature Range: 39.2F to 210.2F (4C to 99C)
Dimensions: 13” x 6.7” x 7.5”
Weight: 13.2 lbs


    Seller refurbished. Excellent functional condition.


    • Techne TC-312
    • Power cord


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