Dentsply Cavitron JET PLUS Gen 137 Ultrasonic Scaler with Wireless Foot Pedal!



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Cavitron Jet Plus with Tap-On Technology activates scaling with a single tap of the foot pedal, allowing your foot to rest as you scale. The prophy mode auto cycles alternate between air polish and rinse without a need to touch the pedal. Tap-On Technology and prophy mode auto cycles are designed to improve efficiency and reduce hygienist leg strain. Additional power options include single-push turbo mode for 25% greater power than normal. The finer water control allows for precise and convenient adjustment of lavage on the handpiece. Cavitron Jet Plus includes an autoclavable handpiece for reduced cross-contamination and single-push rinse and purge modes.

Features and Benefits

  • Activates Scaling with a Single Tap of the Foot Pedal
  • Prophy Mode Auto Cycles Alternate Between Air Polish and Rinse
  • Tap-On Technology
  • Hands-Free Boost Activation

5 Best Things:

  1. SelectPulse Scaling (SPS) Technology: The Dentsply Cavitron JET PLUS Gen 137 SPS Ultrasonic Scaler features patented SPS technology, which provides a more efficient and effective scaling process.
  2. Adjustable Power Settings: The device includes adjustable power settings, allowing the dental professional to customize the scaler to the specific needs of each patient.
  3. Minimized Discomfort for Patients: The JET PLUS Gen 137 SPS Ultrasonic Scaler is designed to minimize discomfort for patients during the scaling process, making the procedure more comfortable and less stressful.
  4. Reduced Risk of Repetitive Stress Injuries: The device reduces the need for manual scaling, helping to reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries for the dental professional.
  5. Reliable Performance: The Dentsply Cavitron JET PLUS Gen 137 SPS Ultrasonic Scaler is known for its reliability and consistent performance, making it a valuable investment for any dental practice.



Excellent functional and cosmetic condition!

Watch a video of this unit in operation below: Dentsply Cavitron JET PLUS Gen 137 Ultrasonic Scaler with Wireless Foot Pedal

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  • Dentsply Cavitron JET PLUS Gen 137 Ultrasonic Scaler

  • JetMate 30k handpiece (30k insert shown in video is not included)

  • Wireless Foot Pedal
  • Operator Manual

  • Brand new Water inlet line with Filter

  • Air inlet line
  • Medical grade Power cord



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