Eppendorf MasterCycler Pro 6321 with controller, thermocycler PCR 96-well, nice condition!


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The Mastercycler® Pro offers users unique flexibility for use in PCR applications.
These thermal cyclers feature extremely fast heating and cooling rates (up to 8°C/s with silver blocks), intuitive graphic programming, and a display to indicate cycler number in a network. All units feature Triple Circuit heating technology with Fast, Standard, or Safe temperature control modes. Cyclers are upgradable to real-time PCR. Satellite System use allows users to control up to five units with one control panel or to expand to thirty units with a computer network using CycleManager pro software.

Models are available in three block formats, with the ability to operate in various configurations. Plates, tubes, or strips may be used depending on specific application requirements. All formats come with gradient SteadySlope® technology to ensure heating and cooling ramp rates remain consistent. All units are also equipped with the vapo.protect technology, which keeps evaporation to a minimum.

Model Mastercycler® Pro Mastercycler® Pro 384 Mastercycler® Pro S Mastercycler® Pro
Block Homogeneity (°C) ≤ ±0.3°C at 20–72°C (68–162°F), ≤ ±0.4°C at 90°C (194°F)
Lid Temperature Range (°C) 37–110°C (98.6–230°F)
Temperature Uniformity ≤ ±0.4°C
Heating Rate 4°C/s 8°C/s 4°C/s
Gradient Temperature Range (°C) 30–99°C (86–210°F)
Gradient Yes
Sample capacity 96 x 0.2 mL PCR tubes or a 96-well PCR plate 384-Well PCR plate 96 x 0.2 mL PCR tubes or a 96-well PCR plate
Weight 18.5 kg (40.8 lbs.)
Electrical 120V, 50-60Hz
Control Accuracy ±0.2°C (±0.36°F)
W×D×H 26 × 41.5 × 37 cm (101/4 x 1611/32 x 149/16")
Cooling Rate 3°C/s (5.4°F/s) 4.5°C/s (8.1°F/s) 3°C/s (5.4°F/s)
Block Temperature Range 4–99°C (39–210°F)
Gradient Range 1–20°C (1.8–36°F) 1–24°C (1.8–43°F) 1–20°C (1.8–36°F)
Block Material Aluminum, 96-Well Aluminum, 384-Well Silver, 96-Well Aluminum, 96-Well


Seller refurbished. Excellent functional condition.


  • Eppendorf 6321 MasterCycler Pro vapo.protect
  • Eppendorf Color Display System Controller
  • Power cable



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