Illumina Eco Real-Time PCR System with Laptop & Version 5 Control/Study Software


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The Eco offers life science researchers a full-featured real-time PCR system at an attractive

Its features include:

Four-color multiplexing

High Resolution Melt(HRM)

Fast PCR cycling:40-cyclePCR in 40 minutes

User-friendly, MIQE-compliant software

Eco’s proprietary technologies provide excellent optical performance along with unmatched
temperature control and thermal uniformity for a plate-based format(± 0.1°C).

Its robust optical system contains two sets of 48 LEDs,which provide excitation energy for a broad range of fluorophores, along with four emission filters and a CCD camera for detection,enabling multiplexing of up to four targets.

Each instrument comes factory-calibrated for SYBR Green Idye,FAM,HEX,VIC,ROX,Cy5,and Q670.

Eco supports multiple applications,including gene expression quantification and analysis,
and genotyping by allele discrimination or high-resolution melt(HRM).The system includes
easy-to-use data analysis software preloaded on a computer.


Seller refurbished. Passes all built in functional tests. Instrument is in excellent functional condition. Unit was removed in current configuration from a working environment. Instrument will require end user calibration prior to entering service.


Complete system, includes the following:
    • Ilumina ECO Real Time PCR System
    • HP Windows 7 Mini Laptop with Version 5 Control and Study Software
    • Power supplies and interface cable.
    • User Manual and setup guide


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