Leica RM2155 Fully Automated Motorized Rotary Microtome with Foot Pedal


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  • Adjustable sectioning speed for paraffin specimens
  • Ergonomically designed with external control panel
  • Rapid, convenient switching between sectioning and trimming settings
  • Selection of continuous movement or single step coarse feed
  • Safety hand wheel with two safety locking mechanisms
  • One hand operation specimen clamp system
  • Integrated section waste tray
  • All-new knife holder system

The Leica RM2155 is a reliable rotary microtome designed for fully motorized sectioning of both paraffin and resin-embedded specimens. Offering a broad application spectrum in histology laboratories, the RM2155 also has applications in industrial materials and quality control. The Leica microtome’s two-in-one design concept allows motorized as well as manual sectioning, and provides reproducible quality sections.

The RM2155 sectioning speed can be adjusted to cut hard materials as well as paraffin-embedded specimens at high throughput without affecting sectioning quality. This microtome is designed for users who require a fully motorized/electronic microtome for their laboratory needs, making it an ideal instrument for fundamental sectioning of standard and non-standard materials.

The fully motorized Leica RM2155 microtome can cut sections from 0.5 to 60 microns with an automatic motorized coarse feed as well as an adjustable hand wheel for speed control and selectable cutting modes. The knife holder comes with new clamping plates, ensuring the user accurate, non-erratic sectioning.

The Leica RM2155 system comes complete with waste tray, specimen holder, instruction manual, an optional foot pedal and a disposable knife holder that can be set for high or low profile blades.


Type Rotary microtome
Section Thickness Setting 0.5 – 60 μm
From 0.5 to 1 μm in 0.5 μm increment
From 1 to 20 μm in 1 μm increment
From 20 to 60 μm in 5 μm increments
Horizontal Specimen Feed 27 mm via step motor
Max. Sectioning Area without Retraction 65 mm without specimen orientation
Max. Sectioning Area with Retraction 60 mm
Specimen Retraction Manual 5, 10, 15, 20 μm, can be deactivated
N/S Repositioning of Knife Holder Base ± 25 mm
E/W Repositioning of Knife Holder Base ± 20 mm
Max. Specimen Size (W x H x D) 50 x 60 x 40 mm
Specimen Orientation Horizontal
Specimen Orientation Vertical
Rotation ± 90°
Trimming steps 5, 15, 30 μm
Electric coarse feed 900 μm/s

Sectioning Motor
Sectioning speed 0; 0.5 – 420 mm/s
Return speed Approx. 120 – 420 mm/s

Dimensions & Weight
Width (including Handwheel) 400 mm
Width (excluding Handwheel) 300 mm
Depth 550 mm
Overall Height 290 mm
Working Height (Knife Edge) 100 mm
Net Weight 44.2 kg


The item is tested and is in excellent working condition. One of the palm rests has been replaced with an aftermarket part.

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  • 2001 Leica RM2155 Motorized Rotary Microtome
  • Leica Blade Holder
  • Remote Foot control pedal
  • Power cable



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