Li-Cor 20-cm Survey Chamber for mapping CO2 concentrations 8100-103



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Designed to minimize effects on the variables you want to measure, LI-8100A chambers are the result of close collaboration between scientists and engineers.

Equalize pressure in the chamber with atmospheric pressure—even in windy conditions
Chamber shape provides a well-mixed air sample
Constructed from durable components—for long-term outdoor deployment

The long-term chambers pivot away from the measurement area to minimize alterations to sun exposure, wind, and precipitation at the sample location. They have user-selectable open positions for situations where it is necessary to avoid terrain or other obstructions.

The 20-cm survey chamber (8100-103) features durable white enamel finish. It is designed to be easy to move from one point to another, for surveying and mapping CO2 concentrations. High sample area-to-perimeter ratio provides a good representation of undisturbed soil.



New, surplus. The chamber was received as unused laboratory excess.


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