Molecular Devices Skan Washer 400 Microplate Washer

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A SkanWasher 400 is an all-inclusive, automatic 96-well microplate washer with built-in pressure and vacuum pumps. No external pumps are required, just connect the tubing from the instrument to the reservoirs and start washing. The individual pressure settings allow adjustments for a very gentle wash to a more vigorous "jet" washing without "stripping" the plate. The need to thoroughly wash the unbound antigen, antibody, binding protein, enzyme, or receptor from the solid phase binding support is one of the most important steps in Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assays (ELISAs).


Seller refurbished. Instrument is fully functional and is in exceptional condition. This unit was removed from a working environment.

Video showing this instrument in operation:



(1) Molecular Devices Skan Washer 400
(2) Reservoir Bottles (Rinse, Buffer) and tubing
(1) Waste reservoir with overflow alarm and tubing
(1) User Guide
(1) Power cord


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