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100/120 V, Helios gene gun sample preparation station, for the preparation of microparticle cartridges

Helios® gene gun sample preparation stations for the preparation of microparticle cartridges. Bio-Rad's Helios gene gun is a convenient, handheld device that uses biolistic particle delivery to allow rapid and direct transfection of both in vivo and in vitro targets. The Helios gene gun can transfect a wide range of targets - any type of cell that can be made accessible to the Helios gene gun nozzle can be transformed. It uses an adjustable low-pressure helium pulse to sweep DNA-, RNA-, or biomaterial-coated gold microcarriers directly into target cells. This allows for transfer of large DNA fragments, codelivery of more than one plasmid, and requires only small amounts of DNA.


Brand new, surplus from lab.  Never used!


(1) Bio-Rad Tubing Prep Station #1652418 120 Volt Model
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