Olympus BX41TF microscope with U-DCW darkfield condenser, U-BI30-2 widefield binocular Head, 3 objectives



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Refined design and increased optical capability are key characteristics of the new BX41 microscope model. A new, precise-motion stage is available for left and right hand use, with stage tension adjustable to suit individual preferences. Pleasingly tactile X-Y-control knob covers increase the control knob diameter for convenient “fast action / light touch” movement.

Continuous observation over the wide objective magnification range from 1.25x to 100x is now possible without condenser change, due to redesigned, more capable condensers. For easy access the illumination intensity control has been moved forward. For prolonged use of the microscope, posture comfort has been assured with a new inclineable and extendable observation tube, featuring the widest adjustment range available.

Superb fluorescence microscopy is possible with a new, cost-efficient, incident light fluorescence illuminator whose sophisticated aspherical illumination lenses produce nearly twice the conventional brightness.

A wide choice of accessories facilitates image recording and discussion. The trinocular attachment enables the use of the new DP11 Microscope Digital Camera system. Dual observation and multi-viewing attachments are available for teaching and instruction.

The BX41 microscope brings together simplicity of use, high performance and versatility - critical for all laboratory applications.


Seller refurbished. Normal wear from use. All functions working.


  • Olympus BX41TF microscope
  • Olympus U-DCW darkfield condenser
  • Olympus U-BI30-2 Widefield Binocular Head with (2) WH10X/22 eyepieces
  • (3) objectives installed:
    Olympus Plan 10X/0.25 infinity / -
    Olympus Plan 40x/0.65 infinity/0.17
    Olympus Ach 100x/1/25 Oil Iris infinity/ -
  • Power cord


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