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Olympus has thrown the doors open to a new era in optical microscopy education with the introduction of the MIC-D inverted digital microscope. Designed specifically for a wide spectrum of applications ranging from basic classroom instruction to more advanced laboratory analysis, this versatile microscope features a palette of contrast enhancing techniques that rival many research-level instruments.

Main features
An IT learning tool perfectly adapted to "integrated study periods"
The combination of experiences such as direct observation of the microscopic world and IT learning tasks like using a PC to observe and edit digitally encoded images is ideally suited to the integrated study periods that are an important part of the new developmental approach to education. And the MIC-D's functional simplicity, durable body and ease of operation make it perfectly adapted to use by students.

Unique styling that combines the best features of digital equipment and the microscope
The MIC-D digital microscope is equipped with a 1/3-inch CMOS color digital camera that converts the observational image into digital data and sends it to the personal computer. This makes it a unique kind of microscope that does not use the ocular lenses found on conventional microscopes.
Fully equipped with basic microscope features
The MIC-D, like the high-end SZX12 stereo microscope, is equipped with a full-fledged optical system featuring a zoom ratio of 13, permitting continuous adjustment between magnifications of 0.7 times and 9 times. In addition, the automatic light control prevents sudden brightening or darkening of the image when zooming between different levels of magnification, enabling even beginners to make competent, satisfying observations. With the use of the Gliding Stage* capable of moving freely within a range of O5mm, and through the full 360 degrees on the horizontal plane, photo framing is simple.
* The stage can be moved freely with the user's fingers.
Able to illuminate objects from many angles, providing users with more varied observational capabilities
A wide range of observing methods can be used to adapt to the properties of the specimen. Transparent specimens such as prepared slides placed on the stage can be observed by training the light source on them from directly above. Greater contrast can also be created by observing the specimen with the light source directed from a point diagonally above it. Objects too large to be placed on the stage can be observed under direct illumination simply by placing the MIC upside down, and specimens in laboratory dishes, or opaque objects, can be observed by placing the light source diagonally underneath the specimen.
Dedicated software providing complete control over observation, data storage, editing and printing
The software is compatible with the Windows98, 2000, Me and XP operating systems, and data can be displayed in both still image and moving image with a 310,000-pixel video graphics array (VGA). The MIC-D software features an easy-to-use interface that enables users to place images in a computer for observation, storage, editing and printing. Since the images are digitally encoded, storing, deleting, adjusting their size and other editing tasks are simple. And by allowing users to add the images to home pages, send them as e-mail attachments or add them to reports, the user is free to make the most of the data.
Style Inverted microscope with movable arm
Image device 1/3-inch CMOS color digital camera (pixel size: 5.4mm x 4mm), USB connection
Resolution level 310,000-pixel VGA (640 x 480pixel)
Zoom ratio Variable range: 0.7 - 9 x
Observational field: 7.7mm x 5.7 mm - 0.6 mm x 0.4 mm
Illuminator Fixed condenser, W.D. 30 mm
Built-in sliding frost filter for light intensity adjustment
Movable arm for switching transmitted-light illumination and reflected-light illumination
Light source A White LED
Focus Focusing available up to 5 mm above the stage
Stage Gliding Stage
Weight 1.6 kg
Power supply Supplied from USB cable


Excellent functional condition.

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    • Olympus MIC-D microscope
      • HP XP Control Laptop with Olympus Image recording software
          • USB Cable
          • User manual
            • Power cord



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