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The introduction of quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) methodologies has greatly improved the analysis of nucleic acids. While traditional PCR techniques1 typically rely on end-point, and sometimes semi-quantitative analysis of amplified DNA targets via agarose gel electrophoresis, qPCR methods use fluorescence-based detection to allow the measurement of accumulated amplified product as the reaction progresses.

Today, scientists are able to use Digital PCR (dPCR), an absolute quantitation method in which samples are diluted and divided into many separate reactions. This can be accomplished through the physical partitioning of samples in separate chambers or droplets. Each partition contains either one copy, or zero copies of the target. PCR is run and the end point fluorescence is measured to determine if the partition is positive or negative. The exact amount of copies of a DNA molecule in the original sample can then be determined by counting the number of 'positive' partitions (sequence detected) versus 'negative' partitions (sequence not detected). The distribution of target DNA molecules among the reactions follows Poisson statistics, where at limiting dilution, the vast majority of reactions contain either one or zero target DNA molecules.1–3 Ideally, the number of PCR positive reactions equals the number of template molecules originally present. Increasing the number of partitions offers the potential to increase sensitivity for the detection of very small amounts of targets. The RainDrop Plus™ Digital PCR System is an ultra-sensitive droplet-based platform that is capable of generating millions of droplets.

With the increased sensitivity, dPCR is being used for important applications such as copy number variation, expression analysis, and the detection of rare mutants that require high sensitivity and have restricted sample availability.


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