Sartorius MC5 5.1g Micro Balance Laboratory Benchtop Scale - Exceptional Condition!


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Key Features

  • Ultra fast response times with high repeatability when weighing the smallest of samples
  • Fully automatic calibration features isoCAL® and provides ISO/GLP documentation
  • Fourteen built-in applications feature a powerful statistics program offering reliable and fast evaluations
  • Comprehensive software package corrects for air buoyancy and sample density
  • Designed for highly accurate weighing of filters with sizes up to 90 mm
  • The generously-sized opening of the draft shield moves to any position desired

The MC5 will weigh up to 5g with 1 μg readability. Stable readings within an ultra fast 10 seconds, for maximum time savings with each weighing operation. Both the Sartorius SC2 and MC5 microbalances are the world’s first to feature the EUREKA® air buoyancy correction software, allowing true mass measurement and compensation for fluctuations in air density. Built-in software simplifies back-weighing, and enables fast, error-free storage of tare weights, initial sample weights and calculation of the amounts back-weighed in any order you choose for as many as 50 samples.

 Sartorius has been the manufacturer of some of the world’s finest balances since 1871 when they introduced the world’s first pharmaceutical balance. Sartorius’ excellent reputation and image in the technologically sophisticated field of weighing and balances make them a global leader.

Capacity x Readability (grams x μg): 5.1 g x 1 μg Repeatability, micrograms (standard deviation) ± 1 μg Linearity, micrograms: ± 4 μg
Linearity: 0-500micrograms±2μg

Response Time (average) : 10 seconds
Response Time in the IQ-mode (0.01%): 2.5 seconds Tare Range: 5.1 grams

Adaptation to ambient conditions & applications requirements by selection of 1 of 4 optimized filter levels

Display Update (depends on the filter level selected) 0.1 – 0.4 seconds                                                                                                 Operating Temperature Range 5° C to 40 ° C (41° F to 104° F), 85% RH or less Sensitivity Drift (5° – 40°C / 41°F-104°F) ± 1 ppm/°C

PanSize(mm/in): ø30mm/1.2in
Draft Shield Height: (mm / in) 122 mm / 4.8 in
Chamber Size (inches): ø 3.3″ x 4.8″ high
Chamber Opening (inches): 2.4″ x 1.8″
Electronics Unit (W x D x H): 8.4″ x 12″ x 4.2″
Deviation of the readout when balance is tilted 1:1,000 ± 5 μg

Selectable Weight Units g, kg, ct, lb, oz, ozt, tlh, tls, tlt, GN, dwt, mg, /lb, tlc, mom, K, tol, bat, MS Selectable Application Programs Mass unit conversion by toggling,”EUREKA” air buoyancy correction program, differential weighing and back-weighing, density determination, tare memory, net total, weighing in percent, over / under check weighing (classification and filling) counting Automatic zero tracking function (can be turned off by menu code)

Standard feature Built-in Interface

RS-232 C-S/V24-V28, RS423 /V10; 7-bit; parity; even, odd; mark, space; Transmission rates: 150 … 19,200 baud; 1 or 2 stop bits; software / hardware handshake

Calibration: Self Calibration “isoCAL” function External Calibration (Optional Wgt required) 5 gram Class 0

Power Source: AC Adapter 120 VAC included with scale

Standard Equipment

120V AC Adapter, level indicator, adjustable feet, RS-232, manual


Excellent condition.  Weight tested with basic M3 5g scale weight and found to be within factory specs.


    • Sartorius MC5 Micro Balance
    • Power Supply
    • Operator manuals


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