Shimadzu DGU-20A3 Degasser


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 Shimadzu offers two choices for online degassing units:

    DGU-20A3R (3 channel)
    DGU-20A5R (5 channel)

Removing dissolved gases in mobile phases is an important step for ensuring proper function of pump check valves, and to prevent outgassing in the detector flow cell. The degassing units feature extremely efficient degassing in a low-volume, compact design. Each degassing unit can be powered by a LC-20A or LC-30A series pump, and the pump control panel can display the degassing unit vacuum level.

  • <400 uL internal volume
  • Plugs into LC-20A/LC-30A series pump for power and control
  • New material (Systec AF®) allows high gas permeability
  • Peak efficiency in under 1 minute
  • Additional channel provided for autosampler rinse solution