StressTel TM1-CD, TM1D, T-MIKE E Thickness Gauges


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T-Mike E

The StressTel T-Mike E is a compact, easy-to-use, and rugged thickness gauge.  Key features include: auto calibration; sealed case; amber colored display; measuring range of 0.025 inch to 19.999 inch; 300 hours battery life with (4) alkaline or NiCad "AA" batteries and two year warranty.

The T-Mike E is supplied with a 1/4" - 5 MHz dual element transducer. The transducer has a potted four-foot, wear resistant cable with lemo quick disconnect connector. StressTel offers a wide range of other transducers to meet your application requirements.


The TM1D ultrasonic thickness gauge is dedicated to operate with single element delay tip transducers and is specially designed for measurement of thin materials (0.006 to .3000 inches or .15mm to 7.6mm).


The StressTel TM1-CD measures thickness of precision machined and formed plastic and metal components. The TM1-CD has a measurement range of  0.010 inches to 15.00 inches in metals and 0.005 inch minimum in plastic. The TM1-CD is compatible with a wide variety of transducers for optimum measurement performance.

Other key TM1-CD features include a large backlit LCD display; durable metal housing; weather resistant keypad; Hi/Lo alarm limits with flashing annuciator; DIFF function to display the positive or negative difference between the thickness measurement and preset value.


Used. Power tested. All three units power up. No further testing was accomplished due to lack of transducer and/or probes.


    • (1)StressTel TM1-CD
    • (1) StressTel TM1D
    • (1) StreeTel T-MIKE E
    • (2) user manuals
    • (1) Carrying Case

    NOTE: Package does not include any transducers and/or probes.


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