Thermo NANOpure Analytical Water Purification Unit Filter Purifier 7143 D11901



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Thermo Scientific Barnstead NANOpure Water Purification System, Analytical

    • Automatic calibration verification and optional NIST traceable calibration module, 99275-56, lets you calibrate the system in the field
    • Purity up to 18.2 MΩ-cm — exceeds ASTM, CAP, and NCCLS Type 1 requirements
  • Ensure the organic carbon content of your water meets your most stringent standards with TOC monitoring models
Thermo Scientific Barnstead NANOpure™ reagent grade water purification systems are designed to support tissue culture, PCR, electrophoresis, atomic absorption (AA), ICP, ICP/MS, ion chromatography (IC), gas chromatography (GC), and HPLC. Standby mode recirculates water for 10 minutes every hour during inactive periods.
Additional standard features include compensated and uncompensated purity measurement, volumetric or timed dispensing of ultrapure water, automatic sanitization cycle, 0.2 µm absolute final filtration, and integral pressure regulating valve.
NANOpure Analytical. The perfect system for your most sensitive analytical procedures including AA, ICP, ICP/MS, IC, GC, and high-wavelength HPLC. Produces up to 1.5 liters of ultrapure water per minute.
Warning: This product is not approved or intended for, and should not be used for medical, clinical, surgical or other patient oriented applications.
Max flow rate Max Gravity feed, 50 Hz: 1.5 L/min
Max Gravity feed, 60 Hz: 1.5 L/min
Max Pressurized feed, 50 Hz: 1.6 L/min
Max Pressurized feed, 60 Hz: 1.6 L./min
Inlet pressure range 100 psi
Inlet port 3/8" OD tubing (supplied)
Inlet water temperature 40 to 120°F (4 to 49°C)
Dimensions 13 1/2"W x 17"D x 19 1/2"H (340 W x 428 D x 495 mm H)
Model D11901
Power 90-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Manufacturer number D11901


Seller refurbished.  Great working unit. Fully Tested. Passes all calibration. Instrument is in excellent operational condition. Unit removed in current configuration from working lab.


  • Thermo NANOpure Analytical Water Purification Unit Filter Purifier 7143 D11901
  • Power cord


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