Zwick Roell BUP 200 Sheet Metal Testing Machine 200kN

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The ductility of sheet metals can be tested and evaluated with Zwick’s Sheet Metal Testing Machines. Zwick offers BUP testing machines in five models with a maximum ram force of 100, 200, 400, 600 or 1000kN.

FLC test and bulge test, hole expansion tests, square cup tests, earing tests (EN 1669), and Erichsen cupping tests (EN ISO 20482) are the typical test techniques and standards used for sheet metal testing.

Key Features

The following are the key features of the BUP testing machines:

  • Easy and rapid changing of test fixtures is possible with bayonet mountings
  • Measurements are recorded accurately with superior test reproducibility, thanks to low actuator-piston friction
  • Compactly built system facilitates transportation
  • Performs very quiet operation as the components running during test are only the hydraulic pump and motor
  • Cups can be conveniently removed due to the integration of the hydraulic cup extractor to the punch (from BUP 200)
  • It is possible to evaluate and save test results as graphics using optional testXpert® testing software
  • The integration of a punch function into BUP testing machines enables pressing a blank or drawing a cup in a single operation (from BUP 200)
  • Test sequence such as clamping force progression and deep drawing speed can be individually adjusted
  • All functions are electrically and hydraulically interlocked and all safety contacts have been checked prior to performing a test


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