(9) Kimble Exax 50mL Graduation Tall Form Nessler Tube, 20mm OD X 298mm L #45315



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  • Nessler tubes are standardized glass tubes used to fill with standard solution colors for visual color comparison with similar tubes containing solution samples
  • Shadowless bottom transmits undistorted light; no dark spots form when tube is filled with liquid and viewed from the top using a light source beaneath the tube
  • Tall and narrow tube provides a much longer scale length
  • Rings and legend are durable white ceramic enamel; rings coincide with specific volumes of liquid
  • Designed from Federal specification NNN-T-175, Type 1, Class 2 requirements
  • Manufacturer: Kimble Chase Life Science
  • Manufacturer Part No: 45315-50


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(9) Kimble Exax 50mL Graduation Tall Form Nessler Tubes, 20mm OD X 298mm L #45315


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