Thermo Aquamate Plus UV/VIS Spectrophotometer



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With increased industry regulations of environmental monitoring, the Thermo Scientific AquaMate™ Plus spectrophotometer provides the flexibility needed for changing requirements. Covering the full wavelength range from 190 to 1100 nm, this system satisfies the requirements for heavy metals, inorganic and organic constituents, biological materials, and water color.

Quality and Value

The compact design, incorporating minimal optical components, provides excellent light throughput for the price. The optical resolution of 2 nm is ideal for measuring a wide range of water analysis constituents from chlorophyll and biological materials to routine metals analysis. The dual-source tungsten and deuterium lamp system guarantees maximum performance for both UV and Visible water analysis methods.

Catering to Varying Skill Levels

The AquaMate Plus is designed for a wide variety of skill levels. Performing routine water analysis methods requires only 4 simple steps.

Expand your Tests to Meet Industry Requirements

Reliance on pre-programmed test kit methods is not a requirement with the AquaMate Plus. You have the flexibility to set-up your own methods or modify an existing test kit supplier's methods. An existing test kit method which only uses a single factor can be changed to include a calibration curve.

Designed for Productivity

Each AquaMate Plus spectrophotometer is equipped with sample accessories to accommodate tubes, vials, ampoules, 1" square cells, and cuvettes of 1 to 50 mm pathlength.

• Large sample compartment offers easy access to a wide range of sample handling accessories
• Long pathlength cell holders, for cells up to 100 mm, allow low concentration measurements
• Optional 7-position cell changer provides automatically generated calibration curves
• Easy access to built-in application software methods
• Built-in data and methods storage via USB memory devices
• Integrated and automated sipper delivery systems with flow cell options from 10 to 100 mm pathlength
• Optional CETAC® auto-samplers for maximum liquid handling and automation



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  • Thermo Aquamate Plus UV/VIS Spectrophotometer
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