Thermo Scientific Genesys 10S UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, low usage, tested

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The general purpose GENESYS™ 10S scanning spectrophotometers offer robust, reliable operation in an easy to use and compact design. Whether your application is simple quantitative analysis, QA/QC, life science or education, water and wastewater or food and beverage, you can count on the GENESYS™ 10S instruments for accurate and reproducible results.

The UV-Visible model features a high resolution (1.8nm) dual-beam optics, allowing simultaneous measurement of the sample with real-time reference beam correction, providing highly accurate data and superior photometric accuracy. The long-life Xenon lamp provides excellent performance over the entire wavelength range of 190–1100nm. These lamps typically provide 5–7 years of maintenance-free operation, minimizing downtime and reducing cost of ownership.

GENESYS™10S systems feature easy-to-learn, built-in software applications for stand-alone operation

The GENESYS™ 10S Vis spectrophotometer (5nm resolution, single beam optics) also offers powerful and agile performance, but in a visible-only version. Leverage the power of a traditional, grating-based spectrophotometer and a tungsten lamp to teach your students the basics of spectroscopy. The straightforward embedded software interface is easy to teach and use. Many important applications or experiments can be performed using the visible region of the spectrum including simple enzymatic assays, color determination, and concentration measurements.

User modes range from a simple “walk-up” live display screen to full spectrum scanning at three user selectable scan speeds, quantitative analysis with one or multiple standards, and kinetics experiments to monitor concentration over time. The standard 6-cell changer improves efficiency and sample throughput, while optional accessories for temperature control, long path cuvettes or tubes, and sipper systems are available to better meet your laboratory’s specific needs. GENESYS ™ 10S instruments also feature USB connectivity for external data storage or use of external printers.

Certifications: UL listed. C-UL listed. CSA certified.


Used. Instrument is in excellent functional condition. ABS accuracy verified with UV standards (See photos, G1 standard used).


  • Thermo Scientific Genesys 10S UV-Vis with single cell holder
  • Power cord


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